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Makersite is an intelligent data platform that empowers teams
to make, buy and sell sustainable products.

One system for successful and sustainable products.

Modern businesses want products that are good for customers, business and the world. Except, it’s hard to bring ideas together, try different combinations, and find data on what’s best. See how Makersite combines financial and non-financial performance in one seamless system.

 Better together.

What used to take months, can now be done in minutes: Save time and resources with over 30 pre-integrated data products.
They’re all in the cloud, so need to download, install or update anything.


Current and future restrictions, Substance risks, BOM grading

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Material costs, Should costs

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Life-Cycle Assessment, Circular Economy, Eco-Design

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Alternative Materials and Compositions, Responsible Sourcing, Supply Chain Transparency

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How you benefit


50% of manufacturers lack visibility beyond their Tier 1 suppliers. Instead, establish performance transparency throughout your value chain.


Information fragmentation takes a big toll on productivity. Instead, spend less time gathering data and more time innovating.


Spreadsheets and desktop software don’t scale. Instead, enrich current design and operations systems to make smart decisions across supply chains and product life-cycle.

Dynamic Data Integration©

Bring data from different sources together on a single platform. Change any product configuration – such as specifications, suppliers, processes, uses – and model the resulting financial and non-financial performance at the same time.

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Maik Birnbach

The Environmentalist, EINHORN


“Makersite dramatically simplifies access to supply chain information. We can now understand and transparently share data with colleagues, partners and customers alike. No need for multiple databases or supercomputers for calculation. The support is great, and the costs are affordable for small and medium-sized companies.”



Maik Birnbach

The Environmentalist, EINHORN

Built for businesses and the open community.

  • Sign up for an open account for public and open data projects. Everyone can discover, discuss and help improve how products are made.
  • Subscribe to a business account for premium data, business features, and extra services.


Your data is protected and encrypted by default. You can choose to publish it openly or restrict access. Access can be restricted by data-set, by user group and even by data object.  That way you can collaborate while protecting your or your suppliers’ IP.


Makersite has three access levels: Mysite, Teamsite, and Makersite. By default, your own product data is private to you unless you choose to share it. You decide how to share your data and with whom – for instance with your team on ‘Teamsite’ or the global community on ‘Makersite’.

Supplier Collaboration

Invite suppliers to work with comparable product data. Because product composition data (from MSDS for example) is networked and aggregated across all nodes of a supplier network, changes and risks are instantly flagged.

  • Create and use unlimited open data (CC-BY)
  • Set up an unlimited number of your own products
  • Work with an unlimited number of users
  • Access from any device
  • No software needed
  • Unlimited use of pre-installed data applications
  • Support through tutorials, community and in-App Chat
  • Access Premium data for costs, regulations, eco-impacts, materials and others (see 'Data' for more)
    We license premium data from third parties, control quality, and pre-integrate it into Makersite. That way you simply activate data if and when you need it. Data includes profiles of products, manufacturing processes & assemblies, production locations and suppliers. These profiles have financial and non-financial attributes such as costs, environmental impacts, physical and chemical properties, locations, and more. We call any of these data points 'Industrial Data Objects', or "IDO". Most of the data on Makersite is free and open, and some is premium data.
  • Business Support
  • API Integrations


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