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Analyze, model and improve products across supply networks and life-cycle.

Makersite is the largest database on how products are made and their uses, costs, risks, and impacts.
You can configure thousands of templates to represent your product, and connect your product definition to millions of data-points.

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Real-time product costing from first designs through final specifications.

Modern business is networked and agile. Traditional product costing tools from the 90s were not built that way. They are painfully complicated, slow and disconnected.

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Makersite is the largest database on how products are made and their uses, costs, risks, and impacts. Come here to discover, analyze, model and improve products. Start with a template or import your own data for first results. Because we eliminate needless complexity and built-in over 30 dedicated apps right into the data platform, you can get up and running in just a couple of minutes.

Store product data

Bring in your own product definition through simple spreadsheets, via Makersite’s powerful APIs or configure thousands of templates to represent your product. Once you do, Makersite automatically enriches your product model with data from multiple streams. It empowers you to model and manage costs, regulations or impacts on people and environment in seconds. We keep things connected in the background, so innovation and science are instantly transformed into meaningful answers for you.

Model alternative designs.

The impacts, costs or risks of alternative design choices can be modeled right here, such as material switch-outs or new production locations. Alternatively, you can enrich tools such as PLM, CAD, or CRM with product performance data through API. Makersite provides real-life, composable product templates and connects millions of data points to them. Data is constantly updated to reflect changes in costs, markets, science, regulations, and product evolutions.

Work with others.

Join a community of professionals like yourself. Chances are, you’re the expert someone else is after. Discussions are connected to data, so references and updates are precise and remain in context. Buyers and sellers can calculate footprints using the same background models and methods, without having to reveal confidential information. That way data is comparable and reliable, without conflicting interests.

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For Professionals in Compliance, Supply Chain, Health & Safety, Sourcing, Sustainability, Engineering & Design, Analysts, Researchers, Regulators.
For Eco-designers, Sustainability Professionals, Life-Cycle Analysts, Engineers & Designers, Industrial Ecology, CSR, Supply Chain.
For Professionals in Procurement, Sourcing, Controlling, Analysts, Engineering & Design, Supply Chain.


Securely publish, share and license data.

Dynamic Data Integration© connects data sources to a single,  global industrial process framework. That enables multi-dimensional data modeling and the comparison between alternatives with normalized scores. Submit your data for on-demand listing or full integration.




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Maik Birnbach

The Environmentalist, EINHORN


“Makersite dramatically simplifies access to supply chain information. We can now understand and transparently share data with colleagues, partners and customers alike. No need for multiple databases or supercomputers for calculation. The support is great, and the costs are affordable for small and medium-sized companies.”



Maik Birnbach

The Environmentalist, EINHORN

Makersite is open and free by default. Forever.

  • Makersite is free to use for public and open data projects. Everyone can discover, discuss and help improve how products are made.
  • Most apps are free, cloud-based, and always come with data. That way you’ll get a lot done without the need for extra software.
  • What you pay for is the use of premium data, business features, and extra services if and when you need them.

  • Create and use unlimited open data (CC-BY)
  • Set up an unlimited number of your own products
  • Work with an unlimited number of users
  • Access from any device
  • No software needed
  • Unlimited use of free apps preloaded with data
  • Support through tutorials, community and in-App Chat
  • Access Premium data
  • Business Support


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Your data is protected and encrypted by default. You can choose to publish it openly or restrict access. Access can be restricted by data-set, by user group and even by data object.  That way you can collaborate while protecting your or your suppliers’ IP.

Closed Groups

Makersite has three access levels: Mysite, Teamsite, and Makersite. By default, your own product data is private to you unless you choose to share it. You decide how to share your data and with whom. For instance with your team on ‘Teamsite’ (coming soon) or the global community on ‘Makersite’.

Supplier Collaboration

Invite suppliers to work with comparable product data. Because product composition data (from MSDS for example) is networked and aggregated across all nodes of a supplier network, changes and risks are instantly flagged.


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