Why Makersite in Academia?

Innovating means piecing together bits of information from many sources. So much useful science is offline and unavailable to dynamic decision making. Lots of know-how never gets shared, even if it’s non-proprietary.


We’d like to change that in a way that is simple, transparent and science-based. By networking how things are made, together with their impacts, we can leverage what we know more quickly, make things better and make better things. The data is networked and constantly updated to reflect changes in science and product evolutions. Like Wikipedia, this benefits everyone.

Product Innovation
Product Innovation

Our Partnership

Makersite is the world’s leading industrial process database. We want to keep that this way, so we partner with institutions from all around the world to keep data relevant. Institutions benefit from affordable or even free licenses.

How you benefit.

You can use Makersite as an individual researcher or as an academic institution. Makersite was built to connect data around how things are made, and the opportunities, uses, impacts and risks of making them. For example, if your research is in new materials or substances, Makersite can connect your data to other dimensions such as water or energy use, or to the products and industries that may benefit from your research.

Next steps.

Contact us if you’d like te get an account for your institute. We’ll set you up with common log-in credentials. We’d also like to hear from you if you’d like to add data or fuse data from your research. We provide open data and tools to those who help promote open science.