Cost Optimization Analysis

Optimize COGS for your products by identifying strategic & tactical initiatives in your supply chain & operations


Resources & skill

Lack of appropriate resources and benchmark data result in plans that dont indentify both strategic and tactical opportunities leaving money on the table.

Supplier Negotiations

Supplier negotiations require an understanding of should-costs of procured goods which is difficult and time consuming even when the parts are fully specified by you.

Regrettable substitutions

Substituting one supplier/material for another to reduce costs may result in unfavorable impacts to other performance criteria like compliance or environment


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    Instantiate a digital twin of your product and its supply chain with everycs data and technology using your Bill of Materials (BOM).

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    Identify and integrate external and internal sources of data based on requirements, even if it means forging new alliances and partnerships to secure that data for you.

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    Assemble a transdisciplinary team of shoud-cost, supply chain and technical experts to benchmark performance and validate opportunities for cost optimizations and develop a list of actionable initiatives including implications to cost, compliance, risk and environmental performance.

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    Deliver a fully interactive, live digital twin of your product for you to analyze consequences of these initiatives.


  • Ground-breaking approach to cost analysis that’s quick and cost-effective which combines data and algorithms to derive accurate cost estimates from BOMs allowing you to should-cost purchased goods for use as a basis for negotiations.
  • Take into account multiple product-performance criteria when making supplier choices.
  • Outcome is a live digital twin as opposed to static pdf reports, that constantly updates with new information and insights.
  • Leverage the world’s largest integrated product database covering supplier, environment, compliance, cost, performance and risk data of not just materials but also finished and semi-finished products across their entire supply chain.


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Save time in looking for alternative suppliers to reduce costs and create more robust supply chains


Reduce costs through meaningful negotiations with suppliers with robust insights into should-costs for your purchased goods.

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Embed the capabilities and culture within your company.


Reduce risk of regrettable substitutions by taking into account multiple performance criteria


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