Data Integration

Integrating data from anywhere to make better products, faster.


Data availability

The hardest problems in our space are most often associated with reliable data at the right time, in the right place and at an affordable cost.


Taking a multi-faceted view of products requires fusing data from multiple sources. There are no tools today that are built for the purpose of mission-driven data connection.

Mapping Master Data

When integrating systems, everyone resorts to mapping master data. For every data source, it’s done again and again. Laborious, prone to errors and without the ability to continuously improve.

Cost of integration

While most value is unlocked by integrations, current approaches of integrating systems are costly, tedious, non-trivial and often reductionist.


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    Develop data-first solutions to business challenges by assembling an agile, transdisciplinary, mission-specific team of domain experts and data engineers.

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    Identify and integrate external and internal sources of data, including live data, based on requirements, even if it means forging new alliances and partnerships to secure that data for you.

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    If necessary to the mission, integrate our data solutions into your systems such as PLM/CAD/ERP.


  • Prioritize integration of data over systems, leveraging both external and internal sources to create multi-purpose datasets that do not lose their richness.
  • Leverage the world’s largest integrated product database covering environment, compliance, cost, performance and risk data.
  • Designed-for-purpose technology to render rich datasets simply, intuitively and interactivly.
  • Cloud persistence opens opportunities of live datafeeds and community verification and enhancement.


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Unparalleled ROI with success criteria that are based on outcomes rather than deliverables. Combine expertise in domain, data and techonlogy.


Drastically reduce project risk, cost and time by working with nimble mission-driven teams that combine transdiciplinary expertise.


Dramatically reduce cost of data generation and management with the largest quality product database.

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Reduced project time with a techonology stack that is dedicated to data-driven solution.


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