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About Makersite

What is Makersite?

Makersite is a data platform that empowers teams to make, buy and sell sustainable products.

Who is Makersite for?

Makersite is for anyone who cares about products and how they are made. Every day, over 20m engineers, designers, and producers are out to create, grow or procure tomorrow products. Thousands of researchers, scientists and consultants advise on impacts on innovation, Makersite brings everyone together to make better products, faster.

Compliance is for Professionals in Compliance, Supply Chain, Health & Safety, Sourcing, Sustainability, Engineering & Design, Analysts, Researchers, Regulators.

Sustainability is for Eco-designers, Sustainability Professionals, Life-Cycle Analysts, Engineers & Designers, Industrial Ecology, CSR, Supply Chain.

Costing is for For Professionals in Procurement, Sourcing, Controlling, Analysts, Engineering & Design, Supply Chain.

How does Makersite work?

Get started in minutes – Look up thousands of product profiles from leading databases that are already integrated in the cloud. Use built-in free apps for analysis. No need to ‘download’, ‘install’ and ‘update’ anything.

Model every attribute. We’ve integrated environment + costs + health + risk + regulations + suppliers + maps and more. It only takes 2 clicks to switch views and new data is added every week.

Pay only for what you use – Open data and built-in apps for analysis are free. Forever. Add access to premium data (such as Ecoinvent) with a single, simple subscription from €99 or $129/m.

Add your products – Add your products to sell more, buy smarter, and manage your portfolio’s sustainability performance across its value chain.

What is unique about Makersite?

Makersite is different in many ways, but three stand out: fast, connected, secure.


Get started quickly: as a cloud application, no software deployments are necessary/ The use of a simple XLS plug-in or an Application Program Interface (API) allows import and export of data into existing systems.

Lower information requirements: Starting with just a BOM or a recipe, Makersite can enrich designs with market, cost or sustainability information before designs have been finalized.

Computation speed: its advanced architecture can render computationally intensive calculations in seconds, that would usually take days or weeks to complete.

Dynamic changes: once models are created, they are automatically reused in subsequent analyses. Through a live model of product and its value-chain, changes are dynamically reflected in al derivative models.


Sharing: product recipes and compositions can be openly shared (or protected), like GitHub does for the software.

Open: Makersite is uniquely capable of hosting both open and restricted data. Makersite data is open by default under CC By unless and stated otherwise. This means open, public data sources remain open for the community to build on.

Extensible: Anyone can add or connect data. Makersite has many pre-configured analytic layers for a quick start, but the system is open for additional data sources and analytics.


Security: while Makersite is open by default, whatever data is confidential will remain so. You can hide their data from the global repository, yet remain connected to it. This enables open collaboration and sharing, while protecting IP.

Data object protection: Makersite is the only platform capable of keeping single data objects private, while publishing recipes or BOMs. This means you can calculate and publish an impact, without having to fully disclosure how your product is made.

For consultants, data providers & academics

I’m a consultant. Is a Makersite for me?

If you provide consulting around an area of expertise and generate data as a part of your business, Makersite is great for you. Open an account and publish data you are comfortable sharing. You can share data openly (using CC By) or share under your own terms. That way you provide value to the community and get found for your expertise at the same time. Inquiries will go directly to you. Its a great way to generate interest in your services.

I’m an academic institution. Is Makersite for me?

Absolutely, You can use Makersite as an individual or as an Institution. As an academic institution you probably have already published data. You can share that data connected to other data around how things are made. That’s what’s unique about the site. For Example, If your research is in materials or processes, Makersite can contribute other dimensions such as water or energy use, or the products that may benefit from your research.

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