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Shouldn’t enterprise applications be able to keep up with the latest trends and innovations? Why can’t they be easy to update? Insightful and agile? And all the while maintain the highest standards of security? Enter Makersite. Our enterprise platform is intuitive, secure, and built for the cloud-computing and data revolutions.


Platform includes

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A stateless, cloud-based platform that scales seamlessly across hardware. Multi-master architecture with automatic sharding.


Tiered Privacy between personal, team and global sites

Seperation between open, private and third-party data.

Single data “Object Lock” to  protect IP across supply networks.


Constant speed at scale, capable of handling thousands  of requests per ssecond.

Schema-less two-way integration between multiple systems.


BOM import

Native support for HTTP, RESTFUL protocol, and JSON addtional libraries or components.

Secure API system

Data includes

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Dynamic Data Integreation

Built for multi-dimensional data modelling.

Industrial process framework

Thousands of unit operations that form connected industrial process chains.

Data normalization

Supports the comparison between alternatives using reference numerical scores.

Data Updates

Benefit from continuous data updates.

Preloaded data

Millions of data points across multiple layers such as Products, Parts, Suppliers, Regulations, Chemicals, Metals, Prices, Companies, Facilities

Data graphing

Automated or AI-assisted formation of relationships between data objects.

Data forking

Chose from thousands of public templates and configure any product or process to fit your needs.

App includes

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Configure an existing bill of naterial or recipe, create a new one or connect your own.


Automatic rendering of Graph, views, Sankey Diagrams or tables.

Analytics apps

All apps come preloaded with data, so you get value or tight away.


Interact with your team, organization, suppliers and consultants around products.


Interact with your team, organization, suppliers, and consultants around products.


Share know-how across Makersite, publish and discuss with everyone.

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