Materials Master Data Management

Intelligently integrate material and substance information
into your design environment, for a single, networked source
of accurate and compliant data across your organization.


Data harmonization

The lack of a standard Materials Master across your organization may lead to fines as a result of noncompliance with regulatory requirements, reduced margin due to inefficient procurement, stock shortages, manufacturing line shutdowns and excessive inventory costs. To avoid those risks its necessary to “get it clean & keep it clean”.


Material Masters most often lack information about compliance, cost, environment, performance or alternative suppliers which inevitably leads to departmental data silos, expensive data purchases and lots of work duplication.


External updates to Material Masters are time-consuming, costly and error-prone because of duplication and creation of incomplete records resulting from partial updates from their sources


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    Provide API based access to the fully enriched, live Material Master of Makersite covering compliance, cost, environment, performance and supplier information.

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    Identify and integrate external and internal sources of data based on requirements, even if it means forging new alliances and partnerships to secure that data for you.

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    Material Master Mapping and Cleanup.

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    Develop, and optionally deploy middleware to integrate with your internal systems, such as PLM/CAD/ERP.


  • Leverage the largest integrated product database, preloaded with environment, compliance, cost, performance and risk data as well as materials, finished and semi-finished products across their supply chains.
  • Designed-for-purpose technology to render rich datasets simply, intuitively and interactivly, even if you don’t have dedicated systems.
  • Easy, flexible setup with free access to thousands of open datasets and properties, as well as subscriptions to additional, quality data sources.
  • Cloud persistence opens opportunities of live datafeeds and monitoring of the supply chain..


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Better and faster decisions across the business with access to live, up-to-date, best-in-class information across multiple product criteria and their supply chains


Reduce time and costs for integrating with existing Materials Master by mapping only once and leveraging that across all departments.


We partner with Germany’s leading Institute for Material Management for the material data specifications.


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