What’s included in the free premium trial?

With a Premium Subscription, you get access to Makersite’s Premium Data.
The Trial includes all the free data and apps, plus access to a limited number of premium data objects (‘IDO’).
No need for Credit Card or cancellation.  Your trial automatically expires after a week.

  • Unlimited use of apps, preloaded with data: Life-Cycle Assessment, Product Regulations, Substance Risk Detection, Health Risks, Collaboration workflows and more (see ‘Apps’ for Sustainability, Costing, Compliance)
  • Use Premium Data – includes Ecoinvent, Agri-Footprint, ENHESA, WIAM, Everycs, and others from any source with a single subscription (see ‘Data‘)
  • Live support chat in-app
  • Create an unlimited number of products
  • Work with an unlimited number of users
  • Create and use unlimited open data (CC-BY)
  • No software required
  • Cloud access from any device.
  • Support through online tutorials, videos, a global community & support pages
  • Connect from a Spreadsheet with the Microsoft Excel Plug-in
  • Platform Features – All the awesome platform features here
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