Finally, a subscription that works the way you work

  • Makersite is free to use for public and open data projects.
  • Get access to premium data from any source with a single paid plan.
  • Get a business account that everyone in your team can use based on Monthly Active Users



Access over 30 apps, all open data, and awesome platform features.

    • Unlimited number of products.
    • Unlimited number of users.
    • Create and use unlimited open data (CC-BY)
    • Unlimited use of apps preloaded with data.
    • Full Life-Cycle Assessment, Product Regulations, Substance Risk Detection, Health Risks, Collaboration workflows and more
    • No software required
    • Cloud access from any device.
    • Support through online tutorials, videos, a global community & support pages.



Includes premium data.
Ideal for project work.

    • All the free account features, plus:
    • Live support chat in-app.
    • Use Premium Data
    • Premium Data includes Ecoinvent, Agri-Footprint, ENHESA, WIAM, Everycs, and others
    • Use Premium Data from any source with a single subscription.



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Premium data allocation included.
Ideal for Teams.

    • All the free & premium features, plus...
    • Dedicated instance or hybrid deployment available
    • Business support
    • Share premium data across your organization, partners and suppliers
    • Additional privacy features for team and supplier collaboration

We license premium data from third parties, control quality, and pre-integrate it into Makersite. That way you simply activate data if and when you need it. Data includes profiles of products, manufacturing processes & assemblies, production locations and suppliers. These profiles have financial and non-financial attributes such as costs, environmental impacts, physical and chemical properties, locations, and more. We call any of these data points ‘Industrial Data Objects’, or “IDO”. Most of the data on Makersite is free and open, and some is premium data.

Fair pricing policy

Most software pricing is designed to charge you per user, regardless of how many people are actively using the software. If you buy 100 seats but only use 10, you still get charged for 100. We don’t think that’s fair. And it’s also hard to predict how many seats you’ll need in advance. Most databases are priced the same way – irrespective of usage.


With a business account, you pay for premium data that everyone in your team can use. We charge on the basis of Monthly Active Users (‘MAU’) and usage-based Premium Data access. So you don’t pay for users that aren’t active, and you only pay for premium data you’ve actually used

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