Product Sustainability Reporting for Apparel & Textiles

Sustainable Products and Supply Chains


Measuring sustainable

Current product sustainability reporting focuses on individual components rather than a benchmark of performance for the whole product, including trims and embellishments.

Data availability & collection

Collecting data to make product sustainability claims can be challenged by suppliers’ ability to participate and concerns over intellectual property

Reporting & data management

Communicating sustainability stories on-product is a powerful part of brand marketing, but complexity in managing chain of custody data for specific products makes this a liability, rather than an a brand asset.

Scaling the process

No tools exist to easily measure and report product sustainability impacts across multiple product portfolios with multiple teams’ needs in mind.


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    Provide a data and collaboration platform that brings together CSR teams, buyers & designers to:

    • Pull together, repurpose and share data from other systems (PLM, ERP and others) to bring sustainability into the designing & buying process and support quick, simple reporting.
    • Encourage experimentation and “what if…” conversations on product performance across all dimensions simultaneously.
    • Facilitate systematic, scalable and repeatable sustainable product reporting by using a structured platform that is designed specifically for easy collaboration
    • Easily report progress against critical milestones and KPIs to all internal stakeholders, designed with recipients needs first.
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    Make it easy to collect supply chain information and motivate suppliers to provide information by focusing on value delivered to them as a primary driver

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    Provide an end-to-end solution; solving your challenge with a mission-specific, trans-disciplinary team led by a domain expert that includes interface design (for data inputs/outputs), data engineering and integration, and training.


  • Scalable, data-driven solution that combines sector expertise and modern technologies.
  • Leverages the largest, multi-dimensional product database, pre-loaded with environment, compliance, cost, risk, and deospatial data for design-stage evaluations.
  • Design-stage scoring for products with auto-fill of data from database for indexing.
  • Supports evolution towards combining eco-footprinting, circularity, social scores, and land-use change.
  • Supports other methodologies including the Higg’s MSL.
  • Made for secure collaboration and IP protection of multiple stakeholders.



Easier integration of sustainability targets with commercial KPIs


Reduced reputational risks around communicating sustainability achievements, i.e. the ability to answer consumer & NGO queries immediately and based on fact.

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Reduced administrative burdens for sustainability teams, designers and buyers


Better communication between teams

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