Industrial, technical  and CONSUMER GOODS

Supply Chain Risk Management

Manage financial, environmental and compliance risks & opportunities in your supply chain


Data accessibility

A significant portion of the data required to expose and understand risk is available, sometimes publicly, but not easily accessible.

Supplier engagement

Suppliers are reluctant to deliver product data for IP reasons, questionnaire fatigue and see no value for themselves

Data quality & consistency

Improving quality of product data from suppliers is tedious due to incompatible data, wrong incentives and insufficient guidance


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    Instantiate digital twins of your products and their supply chain with everycs data and technology using your Bill of Materials (BOMs).

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    Identify and integrate external and internal sources of data based on requirements, even if it means forging new alliances and partnerships to secure that data for you.

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    Design customized questionnaires, if necessary, for your suppliers based on your objectives of compliance, environement of social aspects so that data directly feeds into your digital twin with integrated workflows to monitor progress. Use your existing data collection systems if preferred.

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    Support your suppliers and your staff in collaborating around data, with machine-aided data verification and integrated workflows, inline tutorials and in-app chat functionality.


  • Fundamentally different approach to supplier engagement, where tangible business value to the supplier is the incentive for data collaboration.
  • Bring available product and supplier data into a single view.
  • Combine with Supply Chain Monitoring to identify potential threats and mitigate them.
  • Harmonized data as the basis on which to collaborate and share results, guaranteeing reliability and comparability.
  • Collaborate across multiple facets of product performance within a single interface.



More engagement from suppliers by prioritizing direct business value for them through use of the platform.


Reduced business risk through more effective discovery and mitigation of operational, reputational and compliance threats.

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Better quality data with a harmonized data basis across multiple product performance critieria.

Solutions6-65x65 (1)

Save time & resources with pre-integrated data, smart workflows and direct integration of data collection & verification with analyis and risk management.


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