We’ve got you covered: The largest data foundation to help you focus on science-based, material issues. A built-in LCA modeling environment that is lightning-fast – and free (you only pay for the premium data that you use). Unlike traditional tools, you can model every product attribute and work with ‘real-life’ data. Need more support? Experts can help you with certifications, analysis and explore business model innovation.

Get started in minutes.

Look up thousands of product profiles from leading LCA databases (such as Ecoinvent and Agri-footprint) that are already integrated in the cloud. All data can be improved through an integrated publishing workflow. Use built-in apps for analysis for free. No need to download’, install’ and update’ anything.

Model every attribute

We’ve integrated environment + costs + health + risk + regulations + suppliers + maps and more. It only takes 2 clicks to switch views and new data is added every week. 

Supply Chain Collaboration

Makersite computes across private and public data while protecting intellectual property. That removes an important barrier to supply chain collaboration.  Buyers and sellers can calculate footprints using the same background models and methods, without having to reveal confidential information. That way data is comparable and reliable, without conflicting interests.


Eco-designers, Sustainability Professionals, Life-Cycle Analysts, Engineers & Designers, Product Analysts, Industrial Engineering Students and Staff in Academia.


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    Life-Cycle Assessment
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    Circular Economy

Get a fast start, then scale across portfolios

With only a few clicks you can build a first model of your product’s
environmental performance. With our APIs, you can scale across your
entire portfolio and supply chain.


Look up thousands of products and processes from the largest online inventory of life-cycle data.

Configure your product

To configure your product, copy a BOM or formulation from a spreadsheet, use one of the thousands of templates, or import data in Ecospold format.

Wizard & Composer

Get to first results in only 4 steps with the built-in Wizard. Then refine your models over time with the Makersite Composer.

Makersite APIs

Ready to scale up? Connect your systems such as ERP, CAD, or PLM with the Makersite’s APIs for real-time sustainability performance management.

Life-Cycle Assessment Pro?

Configure Scenarios

Configure Scenarios for your investigation, such as particular Suppliers, Processes, and Grid Mixes. Makersite allows you to ‘pin’ your configurations and save them for comparison with one another.

Investigate environmental impacts

Chose which impacts to analyze with dedicated apps for standard assessment categories, such as

  • Climate change
  • Ozone depletion
  • Human toxicity
  • Acidification
  • Ecotoxicity
  • Water consumption

and others.

Comparisons of product profiles.

Model alternatives and make side-by-side comparisons of product’s environmental and stewardship performance.

Maps and other Visualizations 

Makersite has 4 core built-in Visualizations (Sankey/Graph/Map/Grid) and the option to export results for further geo-modeling.

Circular Economy

 Material reuse and business model innovation.

Product circularity

For all the right reasons, there is a lot of momentum about the circular economy. While it’s easy to agree with its principles of a regenerative and restorative economy, it’s harder to put things into practice.

Makersite can support your pathway to ‘circularity’ in practical stages – from data and tools to model material alternatives and waste reduction to expertise for full business model transformation.


All Apps are free, cloud-based, and always come with data. That way you’ll get a lot done without the need for extra software.

Global Warming

Analyze and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (TRACI, CML)

Summer Smog

Analyze and reduce contributors to smog formation in supply chains (TRACI)


Analyze and reduce impacts on species composition in ecosystems (TRACI, CML)


Analyze and reduce acidifying effects to the environment (TRACI, CML)

Ozone Depletion

Analyze and reduce emissions that deplete the stratospheric ozone layer (TRACI)

Fossil Fuel Depletion

Analyze and reduce the consumption of non-renewable fuel resources (TRACI, CML)

Resource Depletion

Analyze and reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources in supply chains (CML)

Marine Ecotoxicity

Analyze and reduce toxic emissions to marine ecosystems (CML)

Freshwater Ecotoxicity

Analyze and reduce toxic emissions to freshwater ecosystems (USEtox. CML)


Analyze and reduce toxic emissions to ecosystems in supply chains (TRACI)

Terrestrial Ecotoxicity

Analyze and reduce toxic emissions to terrestrial ecosystems (CML)


Makersite makes it possible to securely publish, share, and license data.

Enrich your product profiles with data from many sources. Makersite takes into account how and where products are made, and what they are used for. That enables contextual comparisons between alternatives in seconds.


Data for energetic use of biomass.

Additional sustainability Services

You don’t have to go it alone.

Our support and services are here to answer your questions, help you get your job done, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your data and tools.

Sustainability Services

Sustainability is a broad ambition. Our experts can help you with certifications, analysis and explore business model innovation.

More Data?

Are you looking for additional data to be included? Let us help you find a source.

Additional Services

Need data integration, custom interfaces or other services? Ask us!

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