co-founder and cto

Prior to Makersite, Neil led development at thinkstep. He’s as science and technology savvy, entrepreneurial astrophysicist (claims to have a Galaxy named after him). Codes, consults and creates beautiful software.

Bastian Laubner

Senior Data Analyst

Deep expertise in algorithms, PhD in theoretical computer science. Experience with statistical data analysis from working in risk management at Deutsche Bank. Tech Entrepreneur.

Dennis Schipper

Data Visualization and UX/UI Design

Dennis is the creator-in-chief of digital interfaces that work & help users succeed.

Melissa María Díaz Segura

Life-cycle assessment, environmental footprints, and eco-design

Melissa is an Environmental Engineer and MSc in Environmental Strategies. A native of Costa Rica, she conducted several projects and taught workshops in LCA.

Gerrard Fisher

Associate for Circular Economy and Electronics

Gerrard loves working on waste reduction and full business model change – helping businesses create more value, profit, and stability by embracing the circular economy. His background is in manufacturing, business management, resource efficiency and circular business models.

Peter Douben

Associate for Chemical Management, Compliance, Supply Chain

Peter’s track record as an expert in chemical substances spans over 25 years, having worked with a number of market leading clients. Peter has managed chemical stewardship projects from dossier preparation through to supply chain assessment.

Dan Davies

Associate for Apparel and Fashion

Dan led the technical support for the UK’s Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP) and worked with many brands on product decision making. He previously was a technical consultant with MADE-BY and served as Deputy Head of Environment at the CARBON TRUST.

Dries D’hooghe

Product Data Management and PLM

I help manufacturers integrate environmental and regulatory best practices, and compliance with regulations into their product design (PLM), manufacturing and supply chain management processes. I am an expert on risk mitigation for complex business models. My experience is diverse and global: consumer electronics, medical devices, cosmetics, casino devices, wearable devices and home appliances.

We’re hiring!

We’re currently staffing our London and Berlin offices! At Makersite, we come together with a shared purpose. We believe everyone deserves to work in a welcoming, respectful, and empathetic culture, and we work hard to make sure everyone at has the support they need to thrive. Join us and do the best work of your life.

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