Simplify sustainable apparel design and reporting

Dec. 6th, 2017


  • Makersite now offers support tailored to the apparel and textile industry. With industry-specific data, apps, and expertise, teams can now more easily streamline and scale both sustainable product design and reporting. We share best practices and innovative possibilities to solve sustainability challenges in apparel and textile.


  • Dr. Bastian Laubner, Senior Data Architect
  • Dan Davies, associate for apparel and fashion. Dan led the technical support for the UK’s Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP), and worked with many brands on product decision making. He previously was a technical consultant with MADE-BY, and served as Deputy Head of Environment at the CARBON TRUST.
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How does it work?

Makersite is a data platform for collaborative product management. It brings together teams to design and create sustainable products. 

Makersite has Apps for specific tasks. There are currently more than 30 Apps available for business, compliance, health, and environmental evaluations.

Makersite was built on the largest Global Industrial Product Flows Database. It’s the largest database on what products are made of and used for.

The platform is constantly updated with costs as well as market, scientific, regulatory, and other data. Unlike other product management tools, Makersite instantly connects to opportunities, risks, costs, and impacts. 


How is it helpful?

Connected data and mission-driven apps helps teams innovate faster, buy smarter, and become sustainable. By removing friction between analyzing, managing, and reporting, teams move faster, and decision making is grounded in data. That makes it easier to achieve sustainability targets and commercial KPIs. 


Who is this webinar for? 

Design leads, Product Managers, CSR/Sustainability Leaders and Procurement professionals within retailers and loved brands, producers, manufacturers, and multi-stakeholder initiatives.


Makersite: a faced-paced introduction



  • Join a fast-paced 30- minutes overview of Makersite. Bastian and Neil show you how to discover, analyze and model risks, regulations, eco and health impacts across value chains and life-cycle. They focus on four areas to help you get up and running on the platform quickly:
    • General overview
    • Regulated Substance Risk and Chemical Risk
    • Environmental Footprints for buyers and suppliers
    • Material or Processing Alternatives


  • Neil D’Souza, CTO, and Dr. Bastian Laubner, Senior Data Architects, everycs

Data-driven ingredient selection for successful, compliant, and sustainable products

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 04:45 PM Europe/London

The challenge

  • Is your business under increasing pressure to improve environmental and health impacts of your products? Evaluating alternative chemicals remains a rather tedious process. So we partnered with industry experts to find ways to make product improvements faster.  We share innovative data and tools to manage product performance and introduce a new application, specifically designed to evaluate chemicals in a broad array of products


  • Dr. Brett Howard from the American Chemistry Council and Dr. Bastian Laubner from everycs.
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What’s interesting? 

  • We put usage, user and chemical data at the heart of decision making
  • We started with customer preferences, and then simultaneously benchmarked ingredients across preferences and constraints
  • We gained environmental, cost, health, and regulatory insights simultaneously
  • You can use the approach to help determine your best formulation for your customer segments and channels

Who should watch? 

  • Analysts in product businesses that use chemicals in products they make, buy and/or sell.

What’s new in Ecoinvent 3.4 and Makersite?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 04:00 PM Europe/London

The challenge

  • Join experts from Ecoinvent and Makersite for a quick overview of what’s coming both with Makersite and Ecoinvent 3.4, and experience first-hand why that’s immensely useful together.


  • Tereza Lévová from ecoinvent center and Neil D’Souza from everycs. 

What’s interesting? 

  • Learn what’s new with Ecoinvent 3.4
  • Experience a Demo of what you can do with Ecoinvent in Makersite

Who should watch? 

  • A first-hand, must-see session for product sustainability professionals, eco-designers and LCA experts.
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